Agent Moe’s Query Submission Guidelines

Thank you for deciding to submit your query letter to me.

For the time being, I do not wish to see and queries of the following genres: poetry, picture books, screenplays, or nonfiction.

Queries must be addressed specifically to me, so please make sure to use my correct name (Moe Shalabi)

Please let me know, in the query body, if you would like me to mention your name in the next episode, if chosen. If your manuscript is complete or in revisions.

I will only accept queries sent via my contact page. Please do not query me on Twitter or email.

  • Begin your subject line with QUERY: title of the manuscript (e.g. QUERY: Frankenstein).
  • Query the following Adult and YA genres:
    • Literary Fiction.
    • Contemporary.
    • Science fiction.
    • Fantasy.
    • Upmarket Fiction.
    • Horror.

Thank you! Best of luck in this round.

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