My Writing & Reading Lists

What do I do in my downtime?

As an early writer, I learned to spend a lot of time reading to better my craft. I owe a lot to the books I’ve read, both the ones I liked and disliked. Each one taught me a lesson about my writing.

Tips For Choosing Comp Titles

Hello writers of the world! Comp titles are books that share similarities with your WIP (Work-in-progress) in genre, style, theme, setting, and marketability. When choosing comp titles for your book (2-3 max), make sure that they are: Recent: Don’t pick an old title that readers, agents, editors might not be familiar with. cult classics or…

Agent Moe’s Query Submission Guidelines

Thank you for deciding to submit your query letter to me. For the time being, I do not wish to see and queries of the following genres: poetry, picture books, screenplays, or nonfiction. Queries must be addressed specifically to me, so please make sure to use my correct name (Moe Shalabi) Please let me know,…

Query Letter Etiquette

BEFORE: Please don’t send a query letter to an agent that looks like this… Arabesque: A Parisian museum is broken into. A renowned archaeologist is missing. And a fabled city concealing a dangerous secret is under pursuit. Mona Ashrawy, an Egyptian born archaeologist in her early twenties, is seeking a stolen heirloom. An ancient Arabian…

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